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tv   PBS News Hour -- President Trumps 2020 State of the Union  PBS  February 4, 2020 6:00pm-8:00pm PST

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cnewshour productions, llc >> this prograwas made possible by viewerk like you. thu. >> woodruff: good evening, and welcome to our pbs newshour special live coverage of president trump's state of the union address. i'm judy wdruff. he addresses a nation and a congress deeply divided. in the last montalone, tensions with iran turned violent, sparking fears of war. a public health emergency is in effect now as a deadly virus spreads from china across the globe. there's been confusion over primary elections inowa.
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and, there's bn an impeachment trial, meaning tonight, the president will appear before senators on the e of their casting their vote to acquit or remove him from office. mr. trump is expected to tout his economic accomplishments, including recent major tradead deals with c mexico and china. his tone seems aimed at calming and unifying the country, or if note, stoking further division. as we wait for the president to enter the house chamber, our capitol.jardins is there at the and our yamiche alcindor is at the white house.e >> woodruff: hth me at our this is a live picture, now, of thrhouse chamber with spea nancy pelosi on the right, thef vice presidente united states mike pence on the left, waiting for the sergeant at arms. thes houe sergeant at arms paul irving to announce that the president has arrived. typically, this is all right on schedule. it happens aout a minute and a .
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let's see if it happens right now. we have been looking at pictures to have the chamber. this is the house chamber and members of congress are all expected to attend. some don't. we are told two members of the house are boincotonight. one of them is congresswomanan alia ocasio cortez of new york. but, in general, most members of the house, most members, or vast majority members of the house and the senate do show up for this annual state of the union address. here we se the sergeant at ar ts moviward the door. the president's cabinet arrived, the supreme cthrt, members of supreme court, the supreme come into the chamber.erts has he spent some of the last few days in the senate chamber.
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and here is the sergeant at arms. (gavel pounding) >> madam speaker, the president of the united states! (cheers and applause) >> wweodruff: an usually see the president come in. he's folwed by the ngressional leadership, other than speaker pelosi who you see at the front of the chamber. that's the first lady, melania trump, she just arrived a few moments ago following the president. you casee the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. steny hoyer who is the number two democrat, the majority leader in thef house o representatives. along the line, members of congess, members of the senat applauding and welcoming the
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president. mainly republicans, but always some demrats, always membe of the other party as well, greeting the preside as he enters the chamber for this annual report to the nation, the state ofnion address. this is president trump's third state of the union. we've readbeen tolhat he will be speaking tonight about the economy, about how well it has done under his leadership. were told e theme is the great american comeback. the president himlf today at the white house told reporters that his speech will run about an hour and 25 minutes. we don't know whether that's going to include applause or not. there'she president speaking to chief jusce john roberts, who as we know has been presiding ov the trial this week in the senate of the president, where he's faced two the president there greeting mark milley, the chamber of the joint chiefs of staff, and h
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others as makes his way closer to the front of the house chamber. d he's stepping up now on the dais, where he will be greeted by the members of congress. standing in front of the vice president and in front to have thepeaker of the -- and in front of the speaker of the house, the two of whom we've told have not spoke ton one another in the last two weeks, so we will see if there is conversation tonight. the president of the united (cheerapplause) >> woodruff: republicans in the house of representatives giving the president a hardy welcome. every single one of them votedag nst the articles of impeachment in the house that
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went on to the senate with two dissenting votes from democrats. thvotes in the use, all democrats except two voted for impeachment. every single republican in the house voted against. and tomorrow, we'll see the senate vote. here's tnte presi >> members of congress, the president of the united states. (cheers and applause) (chanting four mre yea) >> thank you very much. thank you very much.
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madam speaker, mrvice president, members congress, the first lady of the (cheers and applau and my fello citizens. three years ago, we launched the great american comeback.a tonight, i snd before you to share the incredible results. jobs are booming, incomes are crime is falling, confidence is rging, and our country is a thri highly respected again. (cheers and applause)
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america's enemies are on the run, america's fortunes are on the rise, and ameca's future is blazing bright. the years ofno ecoc decay are over.he s and applause) the days of our country being used, taken advantage of and even scorned by other nations are long behind (cheers and ap) gone, too, are the broken promises, jobless recoveries,
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tired platitudes and constant excuses for the deplion of american wealth, power and prestige. in just three short years, we have shattered the mentality o american decline, and we have rejected the downsizing of americans' destiny. we have totally rejected the downsizing. we are moving forward at a pace that was unimanable jut short time ago, and we are neveg ever goiack. (cheers and applause) eam thrilled to report to you tonight that ouonomy is the military is completely rebuilt
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with its power beingm unatched anywhere in the world, and it's not even close. our borders are secure, our valu are renour pride is, our restored, and for all of the reasons, i say to the people of eat country and to the members of congress, the state of our union is stronger than ever before. (cheers and applause) the vion i will lay out this evening demonstrates how we are building the world's most prosperous and inclusive society, one where every citiz
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can join in america's unparalleled success, and where every community can takpart in america's extraordinary rishee. fromnstant i took office, i moved rapidly to revive the u.s. economy, slashing a recmbod of job-killingon regula enacting historic and record-setting tax cuts, and fighting for fair and reciprocal (cheers and applau our agenda is relentlessly pro-worker, pro-familan pro-growth most of all, pro-american. (cheers and applause
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we are advancing with unbridled optimism and lifting our citizens of eve race, color, religion and creed ver vry high. since my election, we have created 7 million new jobs, 5 million more than government experts projected during th previous administration. (cheers and applause) the unemployment rate is the lowest in over half a century. (cheers and applause) and ry incredibly, the average unemployment rate under my administrati is lower than any administration in the history of our country. (alause)
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if we hadthn't reversee failed economic polies of the previousdministration, th this eat economic (applause) the unemployment ratfor african-americans, hispanic-americans andam asiaicans has reached the lowest levels in history. (applause)
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the african-american youth unemplment has reached all-time low. african-american poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded. (applause) the unemployment rate for women reached the lowest level in almost 70 years, and last year women failed 72% of all new -- filled 72% of all new jobs adde (applause) the veterans unemployment rate dropped to a record low. (applause) the unemployment rate for disabled americans has reached
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an all-time low. (applause)a workers withouigh school diploma have aceved the lowest unemployment rate recorded in u.s. history. (applause) a record number of young americans are now employed. (applause) under the last adminiration, more than 10 million people were added to the food stamp rolls. under my administration, 7 million americans have come off food stamps, and 10 million people have been lifted off of welfare.
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(applause) in eight years under the last administration, over 300,000 working-age people dropped out of the workforce. y in just thrars of my, administrati5 million people, working-age people, have joined the workforce. (applause) since my elect wn, the netorth of the bottom half of wage inners has increased b7 4%,
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three times faster than the increase for the top 1%. (applause) after decades of flat and falling incomes, wages are rising fast and wonderfully, they are risinfastest for a 16% pay increase since my seen election. (applause) this is a blue-collar boom. (cheers and applause) real medldian housencome is
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now at the highest level ever recorded. (applause) since my election, u.s. stock markets have soared 70%, ding more than $12 trillion to our nation's wealth, transcending anything anyone believed was possible. thisors a rec it is something that every country in the world is looking up to, they admire. (applause) reached amazing new all of those millions people with 401ks and pensions arefa doin better than that have ever done before with increases of 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100% and even nd investments are pouring in to 000 previously
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negligented neighborhoods, thanks to opportunity zones, a plan spearheaded by senator tim scott as part of our great republican tax cut. (cheers and applause) in other words, wealthy people and companies are pouoringney into poor neighborhoods and areas that haven't seen investments in decades, creating jobs, energy and excitement. (applause) this is the first time that these deserving communities have seen anything like this. it's all woking. opportunity zones are helping americans, like army teran tony rankens from cincinnati, ohio. after struggling with drug
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addiction, tony lost his job, his house and his family. he was homeless.t en tony found a invests in opptunity zones. he is now a top tradesman, drug-free, reunited with his family, and he is here tonight. tony, keep up the great work. tony. (applause) >> thank you, tony.r aring economy has, for the first time ever, given many former prisoners the ability tog get eat job and a fresh start. this second chance at life is
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made possible because weassed landmark criminal justice reform into law. everyone said criminal justice reform couldn't be done, but i got it done, and the people in this room got it (ae) thanks to our bold regulatory reduction campaign, united states has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world, by far. (applause) with the tremendous progress we have maer the past three years, america is now energ independent and energy jobs,
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li so many other elements of our country, are at a record high. (applause) we ar doing numbers that no one would hae thought possible just three years ago.r likewise, wee restoring our nation's manufactung might, even though predictions were, as you all know, that this could never ever be done. after losfag 60,000tories under the previous two administrations, america has now gained 12,000 new factories under my administratn with thousands upon thousands of plants and factories being planned or being built. (applause) companies are not leaving, they
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are coming back to the u.s.a. (applause) the fa is that everybody wants to be where the action is, and the united states of america is, indeed, the place where the action is. (applause) one of the biggest promises i made to the american eople was to replace the disastrous nafta trade deal. (cheers and applause) in fact, unfair trade is perhaps the single biggest reason that i decided to run for follnafta's adoption, our nation lost e in four manufacturing jobs. many politicians came and went, pledging to change or replace nafta, only to do so and then absotely notng happened. but unlike so many who came
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before me, i keep my promises -- we did our job. (applause) six days ago, i replaced nafta and gned a brand-new into law.anada agreement the usmcaill create nearly 100,000 new high-paying americad auto jobs massively reduc exports for our farmers, ranchers and factory workers. it will also bring trade with mexico and canada to a much higher lel, but also to be a much greater degree of fairness and recrocity, we will have that fairness and reciprocity, and i say that finally because it's been many, many years that we were treated fairly on trade
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(applause) this is the first major trade deal in many years to earn the strong backing of america's labor unions. (applause) i also promised our citizens at i would impose tariffs to confront china's massive theft of america's jobs. our strategy has wked. days ago, we signed and greaking new agreement with china that will defend our workers, protect our intellectual property, bring billns and billions of dollars tnto our treasury, and of vas new markets for products made and grown right here in the s.a. (applause) for edecades, china has taken advantage of the united states.
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now we have changed that. but, at the same time, we have, we've ever had with china,shi including with president xi. they respect what we've done because, quite frankul, they never really believe that they were able to get away with what they were dong year after year, decade after decade, without someone in our country stepping up and saying, that's enou. (applause) now we want to rbuild our country, and that's exactly what we're doing. we are rebuilding our country. as we restore -- (applause) -- american leadership throughout the world, we are once again standing up for freedom in our (ae) that's why atmy adminisn
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reversed the failing policies of the preous administration on cuba. (applause) we are suporting the hos of cubans, nicaraguans andne elans to restore democracy. the united statess leading a 59 diplomation coalition against the socialist leader of venezuela nicolas maduro. (applause) maduro is an illegitimate rulery ant who brutalizes his people, but maduro's gr on tyranny will be smashed and broken. brave man who carries with him
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the hopes, dreams anra asons of all venezuelans. joining us in the gallery is the true and legitimate president of venezuela, juan guaido. (cheers and applense) mr. pres please take this message back to your country. (cheers and applause) thank you, mr. president. great honor. thank you very much. please take this message back that all americans are united with the venezuelan people in
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their righteous struggle for freedom. thank you very much,es mr. prent. (applause) thank you very much. always remember, freedom unifies the soul. (applause) to safeguard american liberty, we have invested a record-breaking $2.2 trillion in the unit states military. (applause)
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we have purchased the finest planes, missiles, rockets, ships, and every her fom of military equipment,er and it's all made right here in the u.s.a. (applause) we are also getting our allies, finally, to help pay their fair share. (cheers and applause) other n.a.t.o. members by moreom than $400 billion, and the number of allies meeting theirig minimum obions has more
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than doubled. and just weeks ago, for the first time since presidentt truman elished the air force, more than 70 years earler, we crated a brand-new branch of the united states armed forces, it' ts calledhe (applause)e. very important. in t gallery tonight, we have a young gentleman, and what he wants so badly, 13 years oldia n wanfay, he's an eighth grader from arizona. please stand up. n has always dreamed of going to space. he was the first in his class and amg e youngest at an aviation academy. he aspires to go to t air force academy, and then he has his eye on the space force.
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as ian says, most people look up in space. i want to look down onthe world. (applause) but sitting behind ian tonight is his greatest hero of them born in cleveland, ohio, one century ago charles one of the last surviving tuskegee airmen, the first black fighter pilotsand he also happens to be ian's great grandfather. (cheers and applause)
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incredible story after more than 130 combat missions in world war ii, he came back home to a country still struggling for civilri ts and went on to serve america in korea and vietnam. on december 7th, charles celebrated his 100th birthday. (applause)
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a few weeks ago, i signed a bill promoting charles mcgee to brigadier general, and, earlier today, i pinned the stars on s shoulders in the oval office. general mcgee, our natio salutes you. thank you, sir. (cheers and applause) om he pilgrims to the founders, from the soldierat lley forge, to the marchers at
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selma, and from president lincoln to the reverend martin luther king, americans have always rejected mits on our children's future. members of cgress, we must never forget that the only victories that matter in washington are victories that deliver for the american peoples (applae) the people are the heart of our country. their dreams are the soul of our country, and their love is what powers and sustains our count.we ust always remember that our job is to put america first. (applause)
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the next step forward in building an inclusive society is making sure that every you american gets a great education and the opportunity to achieve the american dream, yet, for too long, countless american children have been trapped in failinggovernment schools. to rescue these students, 18 states have created school choice in the form of opportunity scholarships. the programs are so popular tha tens of thousands of students remain on a waiting lis one of thse students is janiah davis, a fourth grader from .hiladelph (applause) janiah's mom stephanie is a
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single parent. her daughter a better future, but, last year, that future was put further outer reach when pennsylvania's governor vetoed legislation to expand school choice to 50000 children. janiah and stephanie are in the gallery. stephanie, thank you so much for being here with ur beautiful daughter. thank you so much. (applause) but,a jniah, i have good news for you because i am pleased to inform you your long wait is
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over. i can proudly announce tonight that anopportunity scholarship has become available, it's going to you, and yoll soon be heading to the school of your oice. (cheers and applause) now, i call on the congress to give one million ameri children the same opportunjuy janiyah ha received. pass the education freedom scholarships and opportunity act-- because no parent should nt forced to send their child to a failing governchool. ( applause )
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every young person should have a sa and secure environment which to learn and grow. for this reason, our magnificent first lady h launched the "be best" initiative-- to advance a safe, healthy, supportive, and drug-free life for the next generation, online, in school, and in our communities. thank you, melania, for yo extraordinary love and profound care for america's children. thank you very much. (applause) to give our citizeis determined opportunities they need regardless of age or background.
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through our pledge to american workers, over 400 companies will also provide new jobs and education opportunities to almost 15 miion americans. my budget also contains an exciting vision for our nation's high schools. a tonight, the congress to support our students and back my plan to offer vocational and technical education in every single high school in america. (applause) to expand equal portunity, i am also proud that we achieved record and permanent funding for our nation's historically black colleges and universities.
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(cheers and applause) a good life for american families also requires the most affordable, innovative, and high-quality healthcare system on earth. before i took office, health insurance premiums had more than doubled in just five years. i ved quickly to provide affordable alternatives. our new plans are up to 60% less expensive. and better. (applause) i have also made an ironclad pledge to american families: we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions-
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(applause) and we will always protect your medicare and your social security. always. (applause) the american patient should b never ndsided by medical bills. that is why i signed a executive order requiring pricer trancy. (applause) many experts believe t transparency, which will go into full effect at the beginning of next year, will be eveer than healthcare reform. (applause)
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it will save families massive amounts of money fory substantiatter care. but as we work to improve americans' heahcare, there are ose who want to take away your healthcare, take away your doctor, anabolish private insurance entirely. 132 lawmakers in this room have endorsed legislaon to impose a socialist takeover of our healthcare system, wiping out the private health insurance plans of 180 million americans. who e very happy. to those watching at homeyo tonight, i wanto know: we will never let socialism destroy american healthcare! (cheers and applause)
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over 130 legislators in this chamber have endorsed legislation that would bankrupt our nation by providing free taxpayer-funded healthcare to millions of illegal aliens, forcing taxpayers to subsidize free care for anyone in the world who unlawfully cs.sses our bord these proposals uld raid the medicare benefits our seniors depend on, while acting as a powerful lure for illegal immigration. this is what is happening in california and other states--e their systems tally out of control, costing taxpayers vast and unaffordable amounts of money. if forcing american taxpayers to provide unlimited free healthcare to illegal aliens ds fair to you, then sta with the radical left. but if you believe that we
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and american seniors, then stand with me and pass legislation to prohibit free government healthcare for illegal aliens! (cheers and applause)is ill be a tremendous boonlr to ourdy very-strongly guarded southern border where, l as we speak,g, tall, and very powerful wall is being built. (cheers and applause) we have now completed over 100 miles fully completed by early next year.
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we will have substantially more than 500 miles completed by early next year. my administration is also takint big pharmaceutical companies. we have approved a record number of affordable generic drugs, and medicines are being approved by the d.a. at a faster clip th ever before. (applause) i was pleased to announce last year that, for the first time in 51 years, the cost of prescription drugs actually went down. (applause) and working together, the congress can reduce drug prices substantially from current. leve i have been speaking to senatory chuck grasf iowa and others in the congress in order
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to get something on drcing done, and done properly. i am calling for bipartisan legislation that achieves the go of dramatically lowerin prescription drug prices. get a bill on my desk, and io will sign it iw without delay. (applause) with unyielding commitment, we are curbing the opioid epidemic-- drug overdose deaths declined for the first time in nearly 30 years. (applause) among the states hardest hit, ohio is down 22%, pennsylvania is down 18%, wisconsin is down
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10%-- and we will not quit until we have beaten the opioid epidemic once and for all. (applause) protecting americans' health also means fighting infectious diseases. we are coordinating with the chinese government and working closely togeer on the coronavirus outbreak in china. my adminisation will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat. we have launchedmbitious new initiatives to substanally improve care for americans with kidney disease, alzheimer's,nd those struggling with mental health. and because the congress funded my request, we are pursuing new
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cures for childhood cancer, and we will eradicate the aids epidemic in america by the end of this decade. (applause) almo every american family knows the pain when a ved one is diagnosed with a serious illness. here tonight is a special man, beloved by millis of americans who just received a stage fournc ad cancer diagnosis. this is not good news, but whate is goo is that he is the greatest fighter and winner that you will ever meet. rush limbaugh, thank you for yo decades of tireless devotion to our country. (cheers and applause) ni
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rush, in recon of all that you have done for our nation, the millions of people a day that you speak to and inspire, and all of the incredible work that you have done for charity, i am proud to announce tonight that you wilbe receiving our country's highest civilian dahonor, the presidential of freedom. (cheers and applause)
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i will now ask the first lady of the united stes to please stand and present you with the honor. (applause) (cheers and applause)
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sh and kathryn, congratulations! as we pray for all who are sick, we know that america isch constantlyving new medical breakthroughs. in 2017, doctors at st. luke's hospital in kansas city
6:53 pm
delivered one of the earlit premature babies ever to suive. born at just 21 weeks and six days, and weighing less than a pound, ellie schneider was born a fighter. through the skill of her doctors-- and the prayers of her parents-- little ellie kept on winning the battle of life. today, ellie is a strong,-o healthy two-ye girl sitting with her amazing mother robin in the gallery. ellie and robin, we are so glath to have you s tonight. (cheers and applause)
6:54 pm
ellie reminds us that every child is a miracle of life. thanks to modern medicaler wo 50% of very premature babies delivered at the hospital where ellie was born now survive. it's an incredible thing. thank you ry much. (applause) our goal suld be to ensure that every baby has the best chance to thrive and grow just like ellie. that is why i am asking the congress to provide an additional $50 million to fund neo-natal research for america's youngest paties. (applause) f at is also why i am calling upon the membersngress here tonight to pass legislation finally banning the late-term
6:55 pm
abortion of babies. (cheers and applause) whether we are republican, democrat, or independent, surely we must all agree that everys human lifesacred gift from god! as we support america's moms and ods, i was recently proudro sign the lawding new parents in the federal workforce paid family leave, serving as a model for the rest of e country. (applause)
6:56 pm
now, i call on the congress to pass the biparsan advancing support for working families act, extending family leave to mothers and fathers all across the nation. (applause) 40 million american families have an average $2,200 extra thanks to our child tax credit (applause) i have also overseen historic funding increases for enabling 17 statesrve more children, many of which have reduced or eliminated theiral waitlistgether. (applause)
6:57 pm
and i sent the congrplan with a vision to further expand access to highuality childcare d urge you to act immediately. (applaus to protect the environment, ncys ago, i ann that the united states will join the one trillion trees initiative, an ambitious effort to bring plgether government and the private sector tt new trees in america and around the world. (applause) we must also rebuild arica's infrastructure. (cheering) (cheers and applause)
6:58 pm
i ask you to pass senator barrasso'sinighway bill to st in new roads, bridges, and tunnels across our land. i am also committed to ensuringe that citizen can have access to high-speed internet, including rural america. (cheers and applause) a better tomorrow for all americans also requires us to keep america safe. that means supporting the men and women of law enforment at every level, including our nation's heroic i.c.e. officers. (cheers and applause)
6:59 pm
last year, our brave i.c.e. officers arrested more thanal 120,000 crimliens charged with nearly 10,000 burglaries, 5,000 sexualssaults, 45,000 violent assaults, and 2,000 murders. tragically, there are many ciles in america where radi politicians have chosen to provide sanctuary for these criminal illegal aliens. in sanctuary cities, local officials order police to release dangerous criminal aliens to prey upon the public, instead of handing them over to i.c.e. to be safely removed. asien freed by the sanctuary city of new yorkharged with the brutal rape and murder of a 92-year-old woman the killer had been previo aly arrested fault, but under new york's sanctuary policies, he was set free.
7:00 pm
i.c.e.'s detainer request, his detainer request, his victim would be alive today. the state of california passed an outrageous law declaring their whole state to be a sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants, a very terrible sanctuary, with catastrophic results. here ijust one tragic example. in december 2018, california police detained an illegal alien with five prior arrests, including convictions for robbery and assault. but as required by california's sanctuary law, local authorities releed him. days later, the criminal alien went on a gruesome spree of deadly violence. he viciously shot one man going about his daily work, he approached a woman sitanng in her cashot her in the arm and the chest.d he walto a convenience
7:01 pm
store and wildly fired his weapon.ij heked a truck and smashed into vehicles, criticallyoc injuring it victims. one of the victims is a terrible terrible situation, died, a 51 year old american named rocky jones. rocky was at a gas stahen this vile criminal fired eight bullets at him from close range, muering him in cold blood. rocky left behind a devoted family, including his brothers who loved him more tha anything. one of his grieving brothers is here with us tonight. jody, would you please stand? jody. thank you.
7:02 pm
jody, our hearts weep for your loss-- and we will not rest until you have justice. senator thom tillis has introduced legislation to allow americans like jody to sue sanctuary cities a a loved one is hurt or killed as a result of thesdeadly actices. s ask the congress to pass the justice for vict sanctuary cities act the states of america should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans-- not criminal aliens! in the last three yes, ice has
7:03 pm
arrested over 5,000 wicked human traffickers-- and i have sned nine pieces of legislation to stamp out the menace of hun trafficking, domestically and around the globe. my administration has undertaken an unprecented effort to secure the southern rder of the united states. before i came into office, if you showed up illegally on our southern border and we arrested, you were simply released and allowed into our country, never to be seen again. my administration has ended catch-and-release. if you come illegally, you will now be promptly removed from our
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country. we entered into historic cooperation agreements with the governments of mexico, honduras, el salvador, and guatemala. as aesult of our unprecedent efforts, illegal crossings are down 75% sinceay-- dropping eight straight months in a row. and as the wall goes up, drug seizures rise, and border crossings go down. and going down veray pidly. last year, i traveled to the border in texas and met chief patrol agent raul ortiz. over the last 24 mths, agent ortiz and his team have seized
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more than 200,000 pounds of poisons narcotics, arrested human smugglers, and rescued more than 2,000 migrants. days ago, agent ortiz was prom border patrol-- and he joins us tonight. chiehief ortiz, please stand. gratul nation thanks you and all the hero of border patrol. and ice. thank you very much. to build on these historic gains, we are working on legislation to replace our outdated and randomized immigration system wh oneit based on mwelcoming those who follow the rules, contribute
7:06 pm
to our economy, support themselves financially, and uphold our values. with every action, my administration is restoring the rule of law and re-asserting the culture of american freedom. working with senate majority leader mcconnell and his colleagues in the senate, we have confirmed a record number of 187 new federal judges to uphold our constitution as written. this includes twow brilliant preme court justices, neil gorsuch, and brett kavanaugh. we
7:07 pm
anave many in the pipeline. my administratn is also defending religious liberty, and that includes the constitutional right to pray in public schools. in america, we do not punish prayer. we do t tear down crosses. we do not ban symbols of faith. we do not muzzle preachers and pastors. in america, we celebrate faith. we cherish religion.
7:08 pm
and we raise our sights to the glory of god! just as we believe in the first amendment, we also believe in another constitutional right that is under siege all across our country. so long as i am president i will always protect your amendment right to keep and bear arms. in reaffirming our heritage as free nation,st remember that america has always been a frontier nation. now we must embrace the next frontier, america's manifest destiny in the stars. i am asking the congress to fully fund the artemis program
7:09 pm
to ensure that the next man and the first woman on the moon will be american astronauts-- using ensure that america is the first nation to plant its flag on mars. o administration is also strongly defendi national security and combating radicalis mic terrorism. last week, i announced a p groundbreakin for peace between israel and the palestinians. recognizing that all past attempts have failed, we must be rmined and creative in order millions of young then and give change to realize a better
7:10 pm
future. three years ago, t barbarians of isis held over 20,000 square miles of territo in iraq and syria. today, the isis territorial caliphate has been 100% destroyed, and the founder and leader of isis-- the bloodthirsty killer al-baghdadi-- is dead! we are joined this evening by carl and marsha mueller. after graduating from college, their beautiful daughter kayla worker. kayla once wrote"some some people find gnature.. some people find god in love; id od in suffering.
7:11 pm
i've known for some timehat myus life's work isg hands in 2013, while carr suffering." suffering civilians inyria, kayla was kidnapped, tortured, and enslaved by isis, and kept as a prisoner of al-baghdadi himself. after more tha500 horrifying days of captivity, al-baghdadi murdered young kayla. she was just 26 years old. on the night that united states special forces operators ended al-baghdadi's miserable life, the chairm of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley, received a call in the situation room. he was told that the brave men of the elite special forces team, that so perfectly carried out the operation, had given
7:12 pm
their mission a name-- "ta force 8-14." it was a reference to a special day: august 14-- kay's birthday. warriors never forgot kayla-- and neither will we. every day, america's men and women in uniform demonstrate the infinite depths of love that dwells in the human heart. one of these american heroes was ar staff sergeant christopr
7:13 pm
hake. on his second deployment to ir in 2008, sergeant hake wrote a letter to his one-year-old son, gage: "i will be with you again," he wrote to gage. "i will teach you to ride your first bike, build your first idnd box, watch you play sports and see you havealso. i love you son, take care of your mother. i am always with you. dad." on easter sunday of 2008, chris was out on patroin baghdad when his bradley fighting vehicle was hit by a roaide night, he made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. sergeant hake now rests in eternal glory in arlington, and fe kelli is in the gallery tonight, joined by their son, who is now 13 years old. to kelli and gage: chris will
7:14 pm
live in our hearts forever. he's looking down you now. thank you. thank you very much. thank you both very much. the terrorist responsible for killing sergeant hake was qasem soleimani, who provided the deadly roadside bomb that took chris's life. soleimani was the iranian regime's most ruthless butcher, a monster who murdered or wounded thousands of arican service members in iraq. as the world's top terrorist,
7:15 pm
soleimani orchestrated the deaths of countless men, women, and children. and went on to assault ussault ted states forces in iraq, and was actively planning new attacks. that is why, last month, at myre ion, the united states military executed a flawless soleimani and term hiskilled evil reign of terror forever. our message to the terrorists is clear: you will ner escape american justice. if you attack our citizens, u forfeit your life!
7:16 pm
in recent months, we have seenia proud ir raise their voices against their oppressive rulers. the iranian regime must abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons, stop spreading terror, death, and destruction, and start working for the good of its own people. because of our powerful sanctions, the iranian economy is doing very poorly. we can help them make it verygo in a short period of time, but perhaps they are too proud or too foolish to ask for that help. we are here. let's see which road they choose.ll it is toup to them. asee defend american lives,
7:17 pm
are working to end america's wars in the middle east. in afghastan, the determination and valor of our warfighters has lowed us to make tremendous progress, and peace talks are underway. i am not looking to ki hundreds of thousands of peopl in afghanistan, many of them innocent. it is also not our function to serve other nations as aaw enforcement agency. these are warfighters, the best in the world, and they either want to fight to win or not fight at all. we are working to finally end america's longest war and bring our troops back home! war places a heavy burden on our
7:18 pm
tion's extraordinary military families, especially spouses like amy williamagfrom fort br north carolina, and her two children-- six-year-oldre elliana and year-old rowan. amy works full time, and volunteers countless hours helping other military families. for the past seven months, she has done it all while her husband, sergeant firss townsend williams, is in afghanistan on his fourth deployment to the middle east. amy's kids he not seen their amy, your family'sficemonths. makes it possible for all of our familieso live in safety and peace. and we want to thank you. thank you, amy.
7:19 pm
amy. there is one more thing. tonight we have a verypecial surprised. i am thrilled to say your husband is back from deployment and he is here tonight and we longer.t keep him waiting any
7:20 pm
welcome home, sergeant williams.
7:21 pm
wank you very much. as the world beaness tonight, america is a land of heroes. this is gre place where tness is born, where destinies are forged, and where gends come to life. this is e home of thomas many great generalluding, of washington, rshing, patton, and macarthur. this is the home of abraham lincoln, frederick douglass, amelia earha, harriet tubman, the wright brothers, neil armstrong, and so many more. this is the country where children learn names like wyatt earp, davy crockett, and annie oakley. this is the place where the pilgrims landed atlymouth and where texas patriots made their last stand at the alamo.
7:22 pm
the beautiful, beautiful, alamo. the american nation was carved out of the vast frontier by the toughest, strongest, fiercest, and most determined men and women ever to walk the face of the earth. our ancestors braved the unknown; tamed the wilderness; settled the wild west; liftedio mi from poverty, disease,; and hungnquished tyranny and fascism; ushered the worldf to new heightsience and medicine; laid down railroads, dug out canals, raised up the skyscrapers-- and, ladiesnd gentlemen, our ancestors built the most exceptional republic ever to exist in all of human historin and we are mit greater than ever before!
7:23 pm
this is our glorious and magnificent inherince. we are aricans. we are the pioneers. we are the pathfinders. we settled the new world, we built the modern world, and we changed history forever by embracing the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of almighty god. america is the place where anything can happen! america is the place wherean
7:24 pm
anyoneise. and here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true! this nation is our canvas, and this countrys our masterpiece. we look at tomorrow and see unlimited froners just waiting to be explored. our brightest discoveries are not yet known. our most thrilling stories are not yet told our grdest journeys are not yet made. the american age, the american epic, the american adventure, has only just begun! our spirit is still young; the sun is still rising; god's grace is still shining; and fellow americans, the best is yet to
7:25 pm
come! thank you. god bless you. god bless america. >> and prident trump concludes his state of the union address with the speaker of the house nancy pelosi vsibly tearing had her copy of the speech in half as she stands behi him. the president turning to leave the dis dias, walking by the military of the country. some of the jury advertises of the supreme cort -- jury advertises of the supreme court. kavanaugh, gorsuch and others. and making his way pst members of the cabinet.
7:26 pm
majority leader mcconnellnd others. senator from missouri as he makewhat appears to be a brisk exit from the house chamber after his address which lasted just about an hour 20 the sident today told reporters it would run a hour and 25 minutes and it's just about that len the president moving quickly to leave e house quickly. sometimes we see pesidents with convers we can hear him now acceptingco ratulations. thank you. we heard one say brilliant. another one thank you. way out the door with a cameras right in front of him as you ca e as he walks out. this was the state of the union that spanned the story of the last year. no mention at all of
7:27 pm
impeachment, of the vote coming up tomorrow in the united states senate. the members of the senate will be voting tomorrth on whe to acquit or convict are in the audience tonight. no mention of that. the president spoke of a successful american economy, successful americanreign policy. his approach to healthcare, to the environment, families and with a long lit of introductions of guests in the gallery, including very emotionally at the end a reuni between a master sergeant in afghanistan in a surpriseun n with his wife i believe based at fort brag. >> the sessions of the two houses now dissolved. here i am in the studio. matt schlapp is chair of the
7:28 pm
american conservative union. he's an advisor for president trump. president trump's re-election campai. ong with him jamal simmons a democratic strategist that worked on president obama's 2008 under president bill he's host of the show why you should care on hill tv. hello to both of you. >> good evening. >> good to see you. matt schlapp, you know this president. you've been advocating for him for a long time. no mention of impeachment. >> yeah.f i kindiked that smatter. i mean i suppose you could sense the acrimony there with the way pelosi was reacting to the speech, the way the republicans and democrats were reacting in an oppote manner. but here's the number one thing i took out of the speech. it sure helps the president when they're on the cusp nning for re-election to have a stronm ec ticking through all those facts of the economy it's a strong case to make and quite honestly
7:29 pm
i thought the democrats should be t. it's the american people that grow the nomy, it's not just the president. >> jamal simmons, the predent did talk at length about the o healthe economy. he also spoke at length about his accomplishments, where the and in foreign relations andd painted a picture of a brisk thriving america. >> he did. and you know theresident's very good at the aspirational sensibility. as much as make america great is rooted in grievance, it's also about some sort of aspirational message.make america great agai. do you know what he did today. he did a couple thing that was disturbing. it was america versus the world. whenever he talked about aun foreign y, it was a country, some place we were at war, some place we were trying to control, iran, afghanistan.
7:30 pm
and then there was citizens versus immigrants. every time imigrants came up, it was stopng them, stopping the criminals oro stpping terrorism. taking advantage of us.m from that's the thing causes so much distress amonghose democrats sitting there watching cause a lot of the americans don't approach the world that way. they think perhaps america should be building alliances and creating a world we all work together and we should have a country that's welcoming people and not shutting them out. >> what abo tat matt schlapp. an oppositional approach is what jamal seems to be dcribing. >> i understand that. i think that was good when you said president was being as that's good.. i -- as administrational. that's good. what i see is the president is doing better for the americand voters ae've seen a recent republican president do. he's actually, hiswork on criminal justice reform and the fact that the economy is doing everyone is improving all
7:31 pm
demographic groups are imoving including new americans d that's great when they were talking about their was are rising at a fast clip. i understand why democrats woult o talk about this in terms of division but a good economy is helping everybody. >> i looked up a couple numfars just tot check myself. the president talked about afrin american unemployment being so low. just for the recordrican american donald 9% under president obama and undt er presidump it only dropped 2%. >> but it's slower. it's like saying -- >> saying it's continued to drop. >> if i make a million dollars and you come and you make a hundred thousand you made some more money. that doesn't mean you did as good a jos i did. i think president obama did much more to make the economy wo for people across the spectrum than president trump has done. >> we are waiting now. we're about 40 seconds away ind fact from thocratic response. this is the traditional response
7:32 pm
of the democratic it's goine from the goorch tonight from the governor of she is gressio gretchen whitmer. school in east lancing,ig michigan. we're going to turn to her in just a minut i think that's coming up. when she is done, we want to come back and look at me more of what president trump had to say, some of the themes that he hit on, some of the claims that he made abo his ainistration and the reaction there in the gallery. this is michigan govern gretchen whitmer. >> good evening. i'm honored to be here and grateful that you'rtuning in. i'm gretchen whitmer 49th governor of the great state michigan. tonight i'm at my daughter sheri and sydney's school east lancing high school. we're here today with families, parents, teachers and most importantly students. i want to thank you all for
7:33 pm
coming, but tonight i'ing to talk to those of you who are watching athome. i need a lot more than 10 minutes to respond to what the esident just said. so instead of talking about what he is sayg, i'm going to highlight what democrats are doing. after all, you can listen to what someone says but to know the truth everythin, watch what. from americans everywhere. we love our families and want a good life today and a betomte liferow for our kids. we work hard and we expect or government to work ha for us as well. we have vit andalue loyalty. and for the detroit lions. we and all americans might be weary of today politics but must stay engaged. our country, our democra, our future demand it. we're capable of great things when we wk rgether. we cannot forget that despite
7:34 pm
the dishonestyd division of the last few years and that we heard tonight from the presint of the united states, together ential. boundless p young americans are proving that every day. by taking action. that's what i want to focus on tonight. monty scott is 13 years old andv in michigan. monty street was covered in potholes. they were ankle deep and he got tired of waiting them to ge fixed. so he grabbed a shovel and a bucket of dirt and filled them in himself. during my complain people told me to fix the damn roads becau broken tires and broken windshields are down right dangerours and car repake money from rent, chd care or groceries. and we, the democrats are doing something about it in illinois, the gosevernor pasd
7:35 pm
a multibillion plan to rebuild the road and bridges. governor murphys replacing lead pipes in new jersey. alacross the country democratic leaders are building bridges, fixing,oads expanding broadband and cleaning up drinki water. everyone in this country benefits when we invest in infrastructure. congressional democrats have presented proposals to keep us moving forward but president trump and republicans in the senate are blacking the pth. en it comes to infrastructure monty tried to do more with a shovel and a pile of dirt than the republicans in d.c. have with the oval fice and the u.s. senate. bullying people twitter doesn't fix bridges, it burns them. our energy should be used to solve problems. and it's true for healthcare too. for me, for so many americans, healthcare is personal, no political.
7:36 pm
when i was 30, i became a member of the sandwich generation. that means, i was sandwiched between two generations of my primary care-giver. i was the holding down a new job, caring for my newborn daughter as well as the end of brain cancer battle. i was you with a bby and at the end of the day i had to fig my mother's coverage when they denied her coverage for copy -- chemotherapy. it changed me. there are people that just talk and no action. the state senator i worked with a repuican legislature expandal care coverage under the affordable healthcare act. today members are expanding
7:37 pm
coverage and lowering costs. there's work across the aisle to bring medicaid coverage to tens of hosts thousands. there was ensedhrca protections into law. every democrat runidning for prt has a plan to expand healthcare for all americans. every one ofhem has supported the affordable care act with coverage for people th preexisting conditions. they may have different plans but the gol is the same. president trump sadly has a different plan. he's asking the courts to rip away. life saving protections it's pretty simple. democrats are trying to make your healthcare better. republicans in washington are trying to take it away. think about kids lik17 ar old blake carol from idaho who organized a fund raiser to y for his mom's colon cancers treatment.d 19 year ony meyers from utah who sold art to payer for her own g rareenetic dsorder
7:38 pm
treatment. no one should have toou crowe their healthcare. not in america. in america has ab with everyone healthcare and benefits. in fact, many havjobs that donts evedon't even pa enough tr their monthly expenses. it doesn't matter what the prident says about the sock market. what matters is that millions of people struggle to get by or don't have enough money at the yiend of the month after p for transportation, students loans or pren scriptrugs. american workers are hurting. in my own sta. our neighbors in wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvaniand all over the country. wages are stagnated while ceoy s sky rocketed. so when the president saythe economy's strong, my question is strong for whom. strong for the wealthy who are reaping rewards from tax cuts they don't need? the american economy needs to be
7:39 pm
a different kind of strong. rong for the science teacher spending her own money to buy supplies for her classroom. strong for the single mom picking up ext hours sohe can afford her daughter's soccer cleats. strong for the business owner who has to make payroll at thene of the month. michigan invented middle class e we know if th economy doesn't work for working people, itust doesn't work. who fights for working, hard working americans? democrats do. in the u.s. house, speaker nancy pelosi and democrats passed a landrk bill on equal pa. another bill that gives 30 millioseamericans a raind ground breaking legislation to to negotiate lower drug pricesr for america's seniorsnd families. those three bills and more than 275 other bpartisan bills are atet gathering dust on sen majority leader mitch
7:40 pm
mcconnell's desk. senator mcconnell, america needs you to move those bills. meanwhile, democratscross the country are getting things done. pennsylvania governor is expanding the rights for overtime pay. michigan is too. clcause if you're on thck, you deserve to get paid. nevada governor, north carolina governor are working to giveo hardking teachers a raise. and speaking of the classroom, wisconsin governor unilaterally increased school funding by $65 llion last year. in colorado, theovern had an active free allay kindergartennen. in 29 states we helped pass minimum wage hikes and laws toov imlives for families. that's strength. that's action. democracy takes action. d that's why i'm so inspired
7:41 pm
by young people. they rspond to mass shootings,nd deg policies that make school safer. they react to a world that's literally on fire withire in their bellies. action on climate change.y take they take on a road and filled a pothole with a shovel and dirt. it gives me great cnfidence in our future an why sometimes it feels like adults in the world but it shouldn't bthat way. it's not their mess to clean up. e it's ours. oices we make today create their reality tomorrow. young peongple, i'm talo you and your parents and grandparents. democrats want safe schools. we want everyone to have a path to a good life whether it's through a union apprenticeship, university without drowning inar debt. we want your water to be clan. we want you to love who you love
7:42 pm
and live authentically a your true self. we want women to have autonomy trer our bodies. we want our co welcoming and everyone's vote counted. 2020 is a big yea'sr. h year my daughter sheri will graduate from high school. it's also the year e'll cast her first bllot along th millions of young americans. the two things are connected becauswalking across the graduation stage is as important as walking into the voing booth for the first time. her future, all our kids' futures will be determined not just by their dreams but by our actions. as we witness the impeachment process in wahington, there are some things each of us, no matter our party, sould demand. the truth matters. facts matter. and no one should be above the w. it's not what those senators
7:43 pm
saab tomorrow it't what they do that matters. remember, listen to what people say but watch what they do. it's time for action. counting on us.americans are let's not let them down. thank you for listening. god bless america. go night. >> and that was the democratic response to the president's state of the union. it was given by the governor of chigan, gretchen whitmer. speaking as i said for the democrats. she was speaking from a high school in east lancing in michigan. i want to come quickly to you, tt schlapp because she talked about at one point she said we need an economy that's strong but a different kind of strong and she talked abeout tachers and young people who need the opportunity to pursue the kind of work that they want to do. this typical theme, right s yes. which is hey the wealth isn't going to the right people or
7:44 pm
maybe just going to the people at the top. that's why people's attitudes on the economies are important. what you're seeing with the first burst of increase of income at the lower end is that people feel more optimistic under trump's economy than they obama's economy. years of that's one of the reasons that gal that came out 47%.o that's a bigd number for him. i don't think that would happen if people felt a lot ofo nomic insecurity. >> jamal simmons, referring back to what you were sayinearlier about how you said among others, afrin americans ven't benefited as much as president trump would have you believe but theconomy is going strg in many respects. it's not just t stock market, is the unemployment rate, an historic low. how ch of ahallenge is that for democrats. we just heard a democraticry governorg to make the case. we need a leader who i goi to be different, a different kind
7:45 pm
of help, bring different kind of help in our economy. >> as i was mentioning befor the fundamental part of the trump approach is that he's standing up for a version ofa amerat is, that seems to be unfamiliar to what mostk americans thout. you know, the president, first of all i give credit to my hom state governor gretchen whitmer and the lieutenant governi becaushink they are doing a good job in diverse admiststration, criminal jue reform, they are doing a good job. but the president keeps a lot os promagain i looked it up, politi-fact. he's broken 17% of his promise president obama kept 75% of his promises. when presidents make these d statements they are rooin something but they're not often rooted in the truth. in just a minute i want to give a different perspective but i want to go to the capitol to our lisa desjards, our
7:46 pm
congressional correspondent. lisa you were in the chamber foh f the president's address tonight. >> that's right. and it was extraordinary, judy. the chamber is as partisan as i've ever felt it. ually the president's team is cheering wildly.t that happeneight again and again but what was different tonight judy is i think i hea democrats being more vocal as a group pushing back at a president than i ever heard before. e point they were chanting thhr3, hr3. 's a prescription drug bill that house democrats had which has been kind of lefto the side in the senate, is malingering there. they were fighting for that. but there's more you can see on the faces, there ses to be a real personal divide in that chamber. when i talked to democrats just now coming out of the chamber congresswoman barbara lee. she had the idea of the african americans you were talking
7:47 pm
about, i believe. she didn't feel it ws sincere. i'm sure republicans feel the opposite. i talked to congressman joaquin castro. he made the point, they just don't belisie this prent. i asked him though, what did you think about the new elements night with rush limbaugh getting the congressional medal of freedom, a mother beingh reunited wr husband who was deployed and he admitted that was thatomething he hadn't seen before. here's a president, he's a showman and hwas able to do it inhe chamber tonight and it was powerful in the chamber,mo ats admit it. >> very difficult not to be the president intd hiswe saw as guests in the gallery. i want to go now to yamiche.
7:48 pm
>> he wanted to make an optimistic speech than he did three years ago talking about american carnage and factories closing and lookg like grave yards across the country. instead he want to talk about the great american cok. that was the theme of the speech. he want to remind people and talk about what he thinks were his big else accomplishments.s this speech w part campaign rally part tv reality show but not in a derrogatory way. there wereoints that lisa pointed out the were points that made you feel something. rush limbaugh getti the medal of freedom. he said he hng cancer and many people are focused and sad. a lots of democre him as controversial and racist for some of the things he said specifically about president trump and president obama not being born in this country. of course that was a conspiracy theory that wasn't true but there were moments where he reunitr a wife with he husband
7:49 pm
who was deployed abroad and this feeling you could see in the wife's eyes she was moved and she felt something about that. he also gave sha schol to a young child and focusing on school choice which is an issue at democrats largely. split a lot of african american women support school. a republican won the state and got a lot of support from black women saying we want school choice. i have to fact check immigration, talking about immigrants committing crimes. studies after studies show immigrants, undocumented immigrants are ls likely to commit a crime tan u.s. citizens. he also talked about the border wall. wall and he's talking aboutorder existing. and lastly about healthcareab talkinut preexisting conditions and democrats of course say that's thought true, he's fighting that and acually trying to get away from the affordable care act.
7:50 pm
>> yamiche. senator given what's been going on theast few weeks with the impeachment trial in the senate, given everything else, what ws the main message you took tonight from the presiofnt? >> firs all we re happy hewa energetic, that he talked about the things we've done right so far. the best unemployment in years. the fact that our economy is going, new tradeals and so forth. but he also a very emotional type talking about real people with real challenges and recognizing individuals have done good things for our country. and thta he ended witlking about the future and i thinkth 's what we were hoping the president talk about not only
7:51 pm
what he's accomplished so far but to go on to say there's more to be done and more opportunities out there and good things to beaone. and helks about legal immigration. he talked about our future and he talks about makg changes in healthcare. prescription drugs he wants to see something done on that. there's a real move there. he talks about getting rid of surprise billing on medical charges. that's a positive thing. republicans and democrats get ong. one of te biggest cheers when we started talking about fixing our infrastructure the president made that an issue he want to do. and that was republicans and democrats both. i think once we take care of the impeachment issues tomorrow, and that will be done tomorrow, i think most people in the countre want tohem get back down and focus on the challenge that our entire country has. >> senator justuickly i'm sure you know that democrats are saying some of what the president id tonight belies bere his policy hasen. for example the administration is in the cort.
7:52 pm
basically trying to undo th healthcare law that was passed under president obama that ould protect preexisting conditions. democrats also point this is a president who has not come to the table and tried to reat ch n agreem reducing the cost of prescription drugs. so to what extent should we be holding him and his administration accountable for what's actually happening? >> i can tell you that within r conference, w want to keep but also even before obamacare. kicame in in places like south dakota, preexisting conditions was never an issue after that. there are a lot of u that understand we don't want to have preexisting conditions be problem in the future. in fact the alexander murray aoposal which we were supporting woutually have reduced the cost and it wo have kept preexisting conditions
7:53 pm
at bay. available to us in past thatade i think the president would like to see brought in again. t a matter of fact, one e items when it came to the proposal of what we call the alexander murray proposal in e senate was the fact if obamacare is identified as noting valid anymore, it will push people to come togetr to actually create a product that is affordable. and i think that's where thet presid going. >> senator mike rounds of south dakota. thank you so much for makingi time to talkh us, we appreciate it. jamal simmonsback here at the table. you're hearing this republican senator supporter say this s what we want, we want do this. democrat seen it from the administration. >> that's right. they're having two differentan conversation frankly the president is getting the best of the democrats on is one. back in 1996 when bill clinton was running for re-election people were saying he was maybe the school uniforms were
7:54 pm
too small. president trump he didn't do he was giving out individual grants of favors as if he was sort of the king bestowing it upon a new subject. whether it ws a medal of freedom or a scholarship in these very small individual things. it's great theatre. people in the country are use to seeing this kind of thing now on thtelevision, a great infrastructure conversations with gretchen whitmer but it's hard to compete with the president of the united states reuniting a family on television. >> very tough. matt schlapp how serious is this president about wanting to wrkwi democrats. how much is he willing to compromise. how much do you think they are willing to compromise to bring down the price of prescription drugs. to do things about infrastructure. these are things we're hearinga for three . >> the president led on criminal justice reform which is one of the few legislative awe eneassmentsdachievementsout sidt with nancy pelosi's eventual
7:55 pm
support which at least if you believe the democrats kind of behind the scene talking, they felt like they needed to do something beses just impeaching the predent. i don't see any attitude. pelosi literally ripped his speech in half at the end of this. he didn't shake h hand. i don't se much willingness. the president is going to push his advantage like everything obama did with a phone and a p and executive powers. if he gets re-elected that's wherrestart happens. >> you don't have to remindar other, wnine months ten months from the next election. >> it can't come soon enough. >> matschlapp, jamal simmons. we thank you both being here at the table with me, yamhe at the at the white and lisa s sjardins and thar state response.n address and stay with us as our covege continues on-line. and then again tomorrow starting
7:56 pm
at 3:45pm eastern for live special coverage of the finvoal in the impeachment trial of president trump. i'm judy woodruff. for all of us her te e cbs newshour, thank you and we'll see you soon. >> this program was made possible by viewers like you. thank you. ctaptioning sponsor by newshour prons, llc captiomed by a access group at wgbh gates: i'm henry louis gates, jr.
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welcome to "finding ur roots". in this episode, we'll meet three oneering scientists... francis collins, shirley ann jackson, anld varmus. each has made dramatic contributions to our derstanding of the world, althe while understanding little about their own ancestry. ckson: well, there are stories. gates: but you don't know if they're true. jackson: i do not. varmus: i've neverbeen ablt where my people came fro something i've struggled to obtain. collins: i'm really interested to find out what you can tell me. gates: to uncover their roots, we've used every tool available, genealogists combed through the paper trail their ancestors left behind, while dna experts utilized the latest advances in


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